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We don't make videos. We make movies. We find the story and tell it in an engaging, memorable way.

A few words from a few clients

"Brilliant...lovely...so wonderful! You picked all the right parts and put them together beautifully. We can’t thank you enough."

"What an unbelievable gift. So many great memories come rushing back every time we watch this movie."

"Suddenly the kids have a new favorite movie. And why not? It’s all about them, and it’s completely entertaining."

"Two words: Wow. And Wow!"

“On Saturday we had family movie night, and watched the movie again and again. Even my mom (the most critical person in the world) said that it was "beautifully done" as we all teared up at the end. Really, you really got a sense of “us,” and captured the [adoption] journey perfectly.

There are so many little perfect touches. The slide show at the end is so moving and always makes me cry. The skillful edits took long sequences (like the banana and peek-a-boo) and shortened them, yet caught their essence.

You even found little moments that I hadn't even noticed (that's where a new set of eyes is so great)…like [our daughter] holding bath bubbles in her hand with a look of wonder on her face. I hadn't noticed that in all the hours of tape. And the zooms and pans that you added...there's just so much I could say.

You have created a small wonder. This film is giving our daughter a history, a story, a sense of worth—it’s wonderful that we can bolster her like this, and in such a beautiful way... Thanks a million for sharing your art, eye and sense of wonder.”


Whether it's a movie for a special event, a vacation journal, a special celebration or a life story, your movie will be a major motion picture. Delivered on DVD and viewable on your mobile device.

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Video Archiving

The videotapes you shot over the years are subject to the ravages of time. As long as we have your materials to make a movie, you should have us archive your video so that none of your memories are lost.

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Photo Restoration

As a special service to our clients, we offer restoration for old, damaged, or fading photographs. Each restoration is done by hand. Sometimes, there are even some pleasant surprises...

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