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You shot all that video because you thought you would enjoy watching it. You will, once it becomes a movie.


Go ahead. Make a production of it.

Let's get your video out of the shoebox and onto the screen.

People literally hand us hours and hours of video they have shot — sometimes over years — and we turn them into dazzling movies that entertain and pack an emotional punch. Occasionally we include photographs to fill out the story. All you have to tell us is how long a movie you want, what kind of music you like, and any other preferences you have. Then we go to work making your movie. When it's done, we will send it along on DVD in an attractive case with original artwork. If you like, we will also provide you a version specially formatted for viewing on a mobile device.

Short movies (usually around seven minutes) are great for special events like birthday or anniversary parties. Longer movies (thirty minutes or so) are a great way to tell a life story, the story of a child growing up, a special vacation journal, and the like.

These movies make wonderful gifts.

And it is perfectly okay if the recipient of the gift is you! If you are one of those people who has a few years of unwatched video laying around, you will be amazed at what a wonderful story they tell when we edit and add a great soundtrack.


The price of a movie has two components. The first is a base rate, which is $950, and covers the first 15 minutes. The second is a rate of $60 for each minute beyond the first 15.

So, for example, a 30-minute movie would cost $1,850. That's the $950 base rate plus 15 extra minutes at $60 per minute ($900). (Residents of Connecticut, please add 6.35% sales tax.)

There is no charge for the beautiful custom artwork we create for your movie.

Keep them safe.
Your memories are worth protecting.

Despite a lot of hype — some hopeful, some worrisome — there is no way to know how long your films, videotapes, CDs and DVDs will last. Some people have 8mm home movies from the 1940s that look like they were shot yesterday. Others open the box and find only dust. The same is true for floppy diskettes, Betamax tapes, miniDV cassettes and CDs. So, you never know. But one thing is for sure: once they're gone, they're gone.

Archive to DVD...

We strongly advocate archiving older media to DVD. This has the added benefit of making them much more convenient to watch. If we are already doing a movie for you, please consider going the extra mile and having us archive your raw materials. The cost varies based on a number of options (such as whether you want detailed menus and the like), so please contact us for more information.

...and to disk.

An additional option is to have us also convert your video to digital video files stored on an external USB hard drive. This adds one more layer of protection and makes it extremely convenient to work with your files again in the future. As disk drives continue to grow in capacity while shrinking in price, this becomes an even more attractive option. Again, please contact us for more information.

Bring old photographs back to life.
Restoration experts...

Photos that are used in movies always need a little work, and that is simply part of our service. But some clients also like to have us restore single photographic prints or entire collections.

...working by hand.

We're all for automation, but a photo that is worth restoring deserves more than an automated process that may produce an acceptable result, but not one that is good as it can be. We restore photographs by hand (working, of course, with sophisticated professional hardware and software). The good news is that our prices are very competitive with automated, rapid-fire labs. But they do vary, depending on your needs. So please contact us for more details.


Whether it's a movie for a special event, a vacation journal, a special celebration or a life story, your movie will be a major motion picture. Delivered on DVD and viewable on your mobile device.

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Video Archiving

The videotapes you shot over the years are subject to the ravages of time. As long as we have your materials to make a movie, you should have us archive your video so that none of your memories are lost.

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Photo Restoration

As a special service to our clients, we offer restoration for old, damaged, or fading photographs. Each restoration is done by hand. Sometimes, there are even some pleasant surprises...

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